09.15.99 – University of Maine, Orono ME

Backstage at a theater on campus at the University of Maine in Orono ME. Damn it, Pasty, they’re supposed to have the dressing room stocked with Fresh Samantha’s BEFORE we start soundcheck!! Ummm, our road diary and our world tour are now officially underway (though we still need to buy a digital camera). We left yesterday and crashed at a motel in Freeport last night. On the way we stopped at our favorite dinner buffet, OCB (Old Country Buffet) on Route 84 just north of Hartford. That chain has kept this band alive on more than one occasion. 8 bucks and you’re stuffed. And the carrot cake — the hidden gem of OCB. For the vegetarian perspective on mass-buffet dining, consult the one non-carnivore in our crew, James. You might recognize him as the guy on stage who catches the shaker when Adam tosses it over his head in the middle of “I Spy.”
I don’t know why we’re playing in a 1600-seat theater in the middle of Maine. No one up here has any idea who we are, though Adam did an interview with some top 40 station this afternoon (right after they played “I Want It That Way”) and he convinced them to play his favorite track on our new disc, #7 — “All The Way Up To Heaven,” which is probably the last song on the disc that station would have been willing to play. Anyway, don’t know what to expect tonight but as it’s day 4 or so of our ridiculous fall tour, my hands are pretty regular-looking. That will change. Bri

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