09.17.99 – Trax, Charlottesville VA

Two-thirty AM after our Trax show in Virginia. Charlottesville hotels were booked solid because it’s UVA Homecoming Weekend so we’re getting out of town in search of a hotel.
This afternoon in soundcheck a girl walked into the club holding a fiddle and said she was there to play with Guster. At that point I realized I’d emailed a girl a while back and casually said she should bring her violin to a show. I’d completely forgotten about it and she took a 6 hour bus ride to play with us today… her name was Sruti. Anyway, her violin pick-up didn’t work so we had to mike the fiddle and though it never gets loud enough that way it seemed to get a rise out of the crowd tonight during the three tunes she played with us… Mona Lisa, Rok-it-ship, and Window. The crowd was unreal tonight… our 12th time playing Trax and our first official sell-out. As we’re wont to do when there’s a big audience we unleashed Ryan into the crowd with his 50 foot mike cord to surf around while belting out Sweet Caroline. Just like a real Stadium Rock Show.

Tomorrow we’re playing some high school dance at an all boys prep high school in Virginia where no one’s heard of us. Then we get a week off to gear up for our cd-release week where we’re playing like 12 out of 13 nights or something and my hands will be too swollen to send in road diary entries. Cheers.
bri etc

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