10.03.99 – Vic Theater, Chicago IL

Just got home from Rosemont Horizon in Chicago and realized we hadn’t posted here in a few shows. Today was a day off and the fingers are de-swelling… enough so that I can type anyway. We leave for Bloomington (Indiana) at 4 (am).

Atlanta show was quick… we played 7 songs, sort of “unplugged.” 99x (radio station in Atlanta) needed us there to celebrate the release of their Live X cd, which we have two tracks on (Demons, Airport Song, as performed live in Georgia about a year ago)… then we flew up to Michigan to meet the bus and crew. Apparently Eric, our monitor engineer, got hit by a car while crossing the street on the trip to Michigan from Boston. He’s okay, though bruised up a bit. He said the car had a big dent in it and that made him feel a little better.

The crowd in Michigan made us debut “Two Points For Honesty” before we were ready. We still haven’t figured out quite how to pull this one off live. It’s a song we built up track by track in the studio without worrying about whatever implications that had for its live performance. It was an atrocious rendition of the song, but got the best response of the night. Ann Arbor was too kind to us. I hate venues with assigned seats… so hard to find energy in those rooms. Though the Orpheum should be an exception.

I loved the Vic Theater in Chicago — it’s a beautiful theater that still shows movies (?) — across from a very authentic Mexican Tacqueria place where I just purchased a late-night chimichanga. It was the best Chicago crowd I can remember and the best Airport Song I think we’ve ever played… kudos to Ward from Jump Little Children for joining us on that one…

We’re still figuring out how to get our digital camera photos up on this thing. Our stupid laptop doesn’t have a disc drive. We need to post a picture of Louis, our bus driver, as soon as possible. Goodnight.


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