10.09.99 – RIT, Rochester NY

Last night we played a gymnasium in Rochester NY, though most of the audience came from Ithaca and Syracuse. We had a person on stage with us translating the lyrics (and Ryan’s spew) into sign language. Apparently, a division of RIT is for deaf students, some of whom came to see us. I kept looking over at the woman signing during songs like “Happier” when Ryan and Adam’s vocals overlap on different lyrics. She handled it well — we couldn’t stump her. I spoke to her after the show and she’d listened to all the cds. I was impressed she’d done her homework.

Also at RIT, I tried using in-ear monitors for the first time. These are the little FBI-agent looking things that you stick in your ears to play you your mix instead of using wedges on stage. I think I’m a convert. If that’s true, we’ll play from here on with zero stage volume (all of our mixes will be sent directly to our earplugs)… people backstage and on the side of the stage won’t be able to hear a thing.

Philly show on Thursday was ridiculous. Our best PA crowd to date. Strange to think we may have played the TLA for the last time. I love that room and the Electric Factory (capacity 3300) is a big jump. We thought the NFTY kids in the crowd would appreciate the “Shima,” so we broke into it with Ward from Jump Little Children on the heels of “So Long.”

As for rumors that Steve Lillywhite will be playing bass with us for the week of shows… they are true. If it goes well down south we can expect to see Steve at Hammerstein and maybe even in LA.


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