10.13.99 – The Elbow Room, Columbia SC

Last night after our show in Columbia, SC a woman who manages three “Waffle Houses” in the state said she wanted to take us and the Push Stars out for FREE Waffle House food after our show in Greenville (tonight). I made some lame “smothered and covered” joke (it’s a way to order homefries at all Waffle Houses) and then begged her to bring me a free Waffle House shirt to the gig tonight.

Anyway, Lillywhite is on the road with us now playing bass. He’s practicing a whole bunch of songs with us so we can know what will sound good at Hammerstein on Thanksgiving Weekend. He hasn’t played bass live since he was 18 and played in a metal band called “Arc Angel.” Anyway, he did really well. We even nailed Two Points For Honesty. He got a bit lost on X-Ray but who can blame him, he didn’t produce that one.

I felt bad. At the end of the set someone yelled out “Rage Against the Machine” and we proceeded to mock-cover Killing In The Name Of while he sat there on stage holding his bass without any clue what song we were butchering. By the end of the week, I will get Steve to send in a journal entry, complete with his signature charming British mis-spellings. “What You Wish For” is his favourite song on the new album.


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