10.14.99 – The Handlebar, Greenville SC

today’s entry: ryan miller.
greenville. south carolina.

i think i finally like greenville. we have visited this city many times in the past few years, yet today gave us the first opportunity to actually spend some time here during the day. there is a fantastic waterfull underneath a bridge in the middle of downtown. neato.
tonight’s show was a-ok. a spirited wednesday night crowd cheered us through even the most difficult moments in the set (adam forgetting the lyrics to “happier”, brian breaking both a cymbal and a drum head). steve’s arrival has been a huge kick in the ass. the stages are small, but having another back to do that Kiss move with during “fa fa” is soon becoming invaluable. fun spending every day with a genius.

so two weeks have passed since we released our latest record. my impression is that the majority of you (us?) are enjoying the album and it has been amazing watching people become comfortable with the new songs. who can resist giving us the “star search” applause during the key change in “all the way up to heaven”, or singing the “woo oohs” in “centre of attention”? who can?? can you? can you?!?

i enjoy being back on the road. it has been quite a while since we have done a headlining tour of our own country. USA! USA! old friends are coming out of the woodwork. good to see you, friends.

ok. brian wants to take the computer and send out (and recieve) e-communication before it gets too late.

thanks for reading our daily journal entry today.

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