10.17.99 – Tipitina’s, New Orleans LA

day off at days inn in new orleans. love this city. will be eating gumbo, red beans and rice, jambalaya, bbq ribs, crawfish pie, veggies, shrimp creole, louziana yams, and bread pudding very soon in the french quarter. will be steering clear of bloody bourbon street though. that place sucks.

lillywhite’s stint as guster bassist is through until we hit california. by our charlotte show he pretty much had the songs down, though his british “y’all” confused everyone. the show in charleston at the music farm was ridiculous. it’s jump little children’s hometown and i’ve never seen that place so packed. 1200 people mushed like sardines into a room that should only hold about a thousand. it was good to see jump back in their element being rock stars.

lillywhite was mad at me because we scratched ‘either way’ from the set list the last three nights. i put my mallet right through the djembe i use on that tune in greenville and won’t have a replacement until this week. sorry steve. steve promised he would mail in a journal entry for us but then again he left us hanging with the closing studio diary and i can make no promises. he’s gearing up to produce the new dave matthews album in the new year.


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