10.20.99 – Five Points Music Hall, Birmingham AL

We went on at 12:30am in New Orleans last night. It’s a “late” city — about half way through the set I put my palm right through the head of my djembe. I know it sounds like I do this all the time, but that was my main djembe and in three years of playing on it I’d never broken it. Meanwhile, I didn’t have a spare, so the rest of the set got a little silly — it’s like asking a kit drummer to play without a kick drum. We played some Parachute stuff we rarely play — The Prize, Dissolve… some kid in the front row had a “Let Brian Sing” poster, and we indulged in a conguero-led version of Mona Lisa. I hit SEVERAL notes correctly. Damn, I’m good.

Ryan came out for the encore in an inflatable sumo wrestler suit… he looked like Wierd Al Yankovic looked in the video for “Fat” — We played “All The Way Up To Heaven” with Ryan dressed like that.

In a couple of hours we will take the stage in Birmingham Alabama. I will be playing a rented crappy CP djembe because no drum store in Alabama sells extra Remo djembe heads. “Y’all need a jim-bay head!? What the Hell’s that!?” We will play Barrel of a Gun and Airport Song for the third time today (two events this afternoon required we play our “hits”) and then I will stumble on to the bus and fall asleep in my bunkie (because I’m tired, not because I’m drunk. Not that there’s anything wrong with being drunk.)
Beaming with Mets pride. It was a great season.


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