10.27.99 – Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto ON

We’re in Toronto, half way through a day of 6 interviews (CBC, Much Music, etc) and 5 performances of Barrel of a Gun. Last night we played on The Mike Bullard Show, which resembles the Conan O’Brien/Dave Letterman formula talk show in every way except that his jokes all tank. Anyway, the other guests were Eric Idle (who wasn’t funny, but that’s okay he was brilliant in Monty Python) and Fabiana Whateverina (who played Alotta Fagina in the new Austin Powers movie? I dunno, I never saw it)… it was her first talk show and we were happy to coach her through what to expect backstage in the green room. For all she knows, we’re veterans.
We weren’t nearly as nervous as we were for Conan O’Brien last year. We played the song pretty much without a hitch and then Ryan got to sit on the chair next to Mike Bullard for a quick interview. Ryan did well, called Mike “pumpkin pie” and forced him to hug him, etc… got a few laughs, seemed eager but natural… he even got to hug Fabiana as they rolled the credits. Though I don’t think she really hugged back.

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