10.29.99 – Jailhouse Rock, Montreal QUE

one hour from the border crossing after two nights in canada… tonight in montreal we played just about every song we could remember in preparation for our boston show on saturday. sorry to be leaving montreal without seeing more of it. i really like this city from what i know of it, though james {the guy who fixes my drums, hands ryan and adam guitars, and catches the shaker on “i spy”} and i had two cabbies try to rip us off tonight coming to and from the hotel. the first guy asked james if he had ‘anything smaller’ when he tried to pay for a $6.75 cab fare with a ten dollar bill… excuse me? apparently not all americans are as cheap (and hard to sucker) as us. that guy found his tooney alright {note, tooney is canadian currency for a two dollar coin} …. the same thing happened on the way back from the hotel though the fare was half as much. did that first guy just get wicked lost or did he feel like taking his best american friends on a tour of quebec?
rob’s been making me watch his seinfeld tape lately. rob’s our sound engineer who likes mic tapes better than soundboard patch tapes.
i think the last thing ryan said to the crowd tonight (about 60% american) was this: “thanks for coming, we’re guster, have a nice trip home, remember to shove your pot up your ass before you cross the border, goodnight.”

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