11.05.99 – Ranch Bowl, Omaha NE

I have soundcheck 5 minutes ago at Ranch Bowl (bowling alley slash music venue in Nebraska we’re playing tonight) but thought I’d mention that the crowd in St Louis was a ridiculous surprise. Since we had The Big Friend in the bus from its cameo in Boston, we tossed him into the crowd to surf around during “Bury Me.” That’s a gag we recycled from Irving Plaza like three years ago. Anyway, St Louis kicked. Thanks Wash U.

In Des Moines we played to about 100 people in a gymnasium that holds 10,000 at capacity. Rob, our sound engineer, kept the PA real quiet so it didn’t sound too boomy. I think everyone in the gym was on stage singing except for me. Thanks to the one guy in the back yelling “Let Bri Sing!”

We did morning radio this morning at 9 so we’re all tired and cranky.

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