11.07.99 – Airport Terminal, Dallas TX

umm, this is brian writing from an airport terminal in dallas where me and pasty missed our flights to florida this morning (very long story, we were fighting to get an over-sized drum case on the plane and ended up missing it while everyone else made it) — so unless they’re willing to push our set back, ryan and adam will be performing as an acoustic duo today in west palm beach.

the last time they played without me was when i broke my wrist about 4 years ago. they opened for “acoustic junction” at the paradise in boston when we were “gus.” i remember watching that show with a big purple cast on my arm and realizing it was the first time i’d ever actually seen what my bandmates look like when they play. usually i just see their asses. they also played a show at the university of rhode island without me in 1994ish.
apologies to those in florida who came out to see us today. i blame:

* american airlines
* louie our bus driver who overslept
* whoever it was that thought it was a good idea to play in florida 12 hours after playing in colorado

that is all. at least the fox theater show rokt last night in boulder. thanks colorado-people. the next week of journal entries will be by people other than me. b

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