11.12.99 – House of Blues, Los Angeles CA

Today’s guest writer: Isaiah

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of spending the day with my favorite band, Guster. The day started when I arrived at the 5 star hotel at the same time as a limousine. I went into the hotel and told the people at the desk who I was and waited for the band to show up.
Brian was the first band member to walk to the limo, congo drum in hand. My mother, who was nice enough to drive me out to the hotel, and I met Brian and talked to him about the day’s plans. Adam came down a few minutes later, and we picked up Ryan in the tour bus. The band made it clear that the only reason that we had a limo is because the Mystery Machine wasn’t good enough.

The fun began when we visted three different music magazine companies, some better than others, with the band signing many autographs and taking as many free cds that they could fit in their pockets. Next was the stop at the radio station 103.1. The band flawlesly played ” Barrel of a gun (4, 3, 2, 1)” and ” I Spy.” I also made my radio debut.
Finally we made it to the House of Blues and had to wave goodbye to the limo.The bands did their sound checks and Jump, Little Children started the show off. They had a great set, and then cleared the stage for the headliners.

As they said on stage, and few times in the Road Diaries, ” We aren’t going to play some of the hits, we’re going to play all of the hits!” And they did, with the croud cheering and singing along the whole time. At the last song of the regular set, ” Fa Fa,” The band let me be the honorary maraca player.( F.Y.I. Brian didn’t bleed all over his drums and turn the show into a KISS concert. And I only messed up a couple of times.)

The band played two encores, the second being a completely unplugged version of ” Mona Lisa.” You could hear a pin drop in the room the crowd was in such awe. After that, many people used me to get to the band, and it worked, perfectly. By the end of the night, I got my autographs, my free gear, and great memories.

My only disappointments were that I ran out of film before the show started, and that I didn’t get any Guster action figures.

Honorary Maraca Player,

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