11.13.99 – On the Road to Portland, OR

Hello to all across the horizon. I must say that the following opinions and statements are in no way endorsed, supported, or agreed upon by guster or its employees.

We’re en route to Portland, oregon coming from San Francisco. We roked out Great American Music Hall last night. The past few shows have included musical guests Dan Myers on Sax, Steve Lillywhite on bass and dancing shoes, and i made my first appearance on maracas during Fa-Fa. Brian finished up the show singing Circle of Friends, a recent crowd favorite.

My job title is described as Stage Manager which is to include duties that lie within the realm of the stage at any point before, after or during the show. Most of the time i maintain damage control on Bri’s drum world, and help Ryan with guitar passes. Bri of late has been on a flurry of breaking parts again and snapped off a cymbal arm in LA. Evan, the drummer from JLC has been kind enough to loan us whatever it is we need when in a desperate situation.

We are wrapping up the west coast leg of the tour, which like most of the rest of the tour has been fast and furious. We’ve more or less been blessed with great fall weather and few catostrophes.

It is time for me to sign off for now. I’ll get some more pictures up of the guys and our travels. Until we meet again…enjoy yourself.

James Ragsdale

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