11.15.99 – The Starfish, Vancouver, BC

Hi from Vancouver. I slept through the border-crossing last night so obviously they didn’t break out the dogs on us or tear apart the walls of the bus looking for drugs. This is Brian. I believe our run of guest journalists (Pasty, Isaiah the Contest Winner, James our Stage Manager) is temporarily through… we are still waiting on Lillywhite to toss in his two shillings but he left us hanging on the Studio Journal too.

The West Coast of the United States was very encouraging. Bigger crowds than we expected. Apparently lots of east coasters move out to the west coast when they graduate from college.

Last night in Seattle Ryan told a longwinded 6 Chapter story of his day, explaining why he was wearing the exact same clothes that he was wearing the previous night in Oregon and why he showed up at the gig in a rental car 15 minutes before we were set to take the stage. We also played “Two Points For Honesty” with Ward from Jump Little Children on cello for the first time since Michigan. Ward is the greatest human being on the planet earth, with the possible exception of the other members in his band.

There are some new pictures up on the Nov 13th journal that are worth checking out if you like photos of congueros and horses. Audi 5000.


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