11.20.99 – The Fine Line, Minneapolis MN

guest journalist: angela (the merch girl)

so- this entry is a bit belated. i wanted to write on thursday night – feeling inspired for whatever reason, but the need to shower took over at 3:30 am. we played edmonton that night. a place called “the sidetrack cafe.” before we played, the place hosted “an evening with elton john,” who also happened to be playing edmonton that night. they brought over 100 people to their restaurant by bus, fed them and sent them to the elton john concert – once again by bus. the whole deal seemed a bit odd to me, but then, the fact that guster was playing following this event was equally as odd, so i chalked it up to, well, canada. i was wondering; are canadians accustomed to seeing live music in such venues? the whole eat a meal while listening to guster was too close to dinner theater for my liking. but hey, if that’s how you like it…

the opener at the sidetrack was a local band called “knee deep in grass.” the name says it all. a few guster highlights included several (inevitable) brief elton john covers, as well as ryan’s debut as ryan miller – vocals and keyboards. he faked his way through “so long” like the pro he is, and rumor has it that performance won’t be his last. something to look forward to.

we’re in minneapolis now. the last show before a brief break and the big thanksgiving weekend. oh- and we’re getting a new bus this week! clearly, there is much to celebrate. so let me close by saying sorry if my entry doesn’t contain the same wit and charm that brian’s usually do, but this is only my first and i can get better. really…
be nice to me and i’ll give you free stuff.


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