11.28.99 – Hammerstein Ballroom, New York NY

last night we played our biggest show ever. hammerstein ballroom in new york city.

there were 3500 people there, including my parents, guest bass player steve lillywhite, and a girl named heather renee lazinger who emailed us asking if we’d announce her 18th birthday from the stage. we did. just for the hell of it. we’re still waiting for her to speak up and confirm that she was on-hand to soak up the glory of the moment. thanks to everyone that emailed us already to say “hammerstein kicked my ass” — i think we were suprisingly comfortable on stage for such a big show. here’s a brief recap for those of you that missed it…

we chose ‘happy together’ by the turtles (in its entirety) as intro music. we used to play the verse part of that song as the bridge of ‘barrel of a gun.’

lillywhite played bass on ‘what you wish for,’ ‘two points for honesty,’ ‘x-ray eyes,’ ‘barrel of a gun,’ and half of ‘bury me.’

there were 50 dead chickens strung from the ceiling and hovering above the stage. i read my 2nd grade thanksgiving poem about turkeys being shot in honor of the holiday. there were big yam collection bins on stage too.

ryan started playing ‘demons’ and it sounded like he was either two frets off or wicked shithouse or whatever… adam cut him off and refused to play the song until he put his capo on correctly.

dan myers played a ridiculous sax solo on ‘fa fa.’ his best yet, i think.

ryan played piano on ‘so long’ for an encore… it wasn’t bad either, though we mainly did it as an excuse to noodle around on ‘my life’ (bosom buddies theme) on the piano.

we attempted the acoustic ‘mona lisa’ for a finale but couldn’t get 3500 people to be dead silent for it. fortunately, as we are wont to do in these situations, we recovered boldly by performing a rendition of the song plugged-in, but with your conguero/author here on vocals. i have never hit so many notes in one night. thank you new york city.

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  1. collectivetechnology

    I remember riding the train in from Jersey to attend this show. I was blown away at the size of the crowd – biggest Guster show I had been to at that time and they made me carry yams through the streets of New York. The hanging chickens were a riot and I remember Brian and his singing – it was the highlight of the night for me!

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