11.29.99 – James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA

guest lecturer: ryan miller.

we are in harrisonburg. harrisonburg, virginia. woo hoo.

much fun tonight. it has been a while since we played a university sponsored event, so tonight was a nice change from the oh so grueling club tour. the kind folks at james madison u gave us lots of juice (orange AND cranberry) and a poster, complete with glitter, that read, “jmu loves guster.” that was sweet of them.

three t-shirts were launched at us before we played a single note, and we wore our “jmu ultimate frisbee flying hellfish” shirts with pride thoughout the show. in fact, we inaugurated a new guster tradition: if anyone thows a t-shirt at us on stage in virginia, we are required to put it/them on. for real.

looking forward to tomorrow’s show with tori amos in providence. i’ve seen her on mtv.
ok. very late and i must go and play a few games of bond to get my confidence back after receiving an “ass-whoopin'” by two punk challengers earlier today. i could not hang. i am a dark stain on all that is guster.


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