11.30.99 – Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Providence RI

Hello all…it is finally my turn to “guest-star” on the Guster Tour Journal (kind of like Mr. T on that episode of “Different Strokes”). But anyway, it’s me…Eric. You may have heard my whistling/clapping on the album version of “All the Way Up to Heaven” or seen my sleigh-bell performance on the live interpretation of the song. My actual job title in Guster-land is that of monitor engineer/guitar tech. This means I am responsible for what the guys are hearing in their little tiny earpeices during the show, as well as tuning and maintaining all of Adam and Ryan’s guitars.

Tonight we played a WBRU show in Providence with Vertical Horizon and Tori Amos. It was my 3-year-old nephew, Lucas’, first rock concert ever. According to the girl sitting in front of him in the balcony, he pointed me out every time I came out on to the stage. I think he’s my biggest fan.

But the show went really well and I got to hear Tori’s cover of “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. I think she even waved to James (our stage manager) on her way out. See ya on the road!

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