12.01.99 – Northern Lights, Clifton Park NY

last night i went online for the first time in a while with no specific purpose and ended up visiting other bands’ websites and i was shocked to see that some other bands keep road journals as well. i didn’t have the attention span to read them though.
we’re putting lots of new pictures up on the web soon i think.

the albany crowd was surprisingly full of life tonight. i was impressed. we all napped before we played because we had to drive like 2 hours each way to get to weqx in manchester vermont to play “barrel” and “i spy” live on the air this afternoon.
maybe i was the only one who napped.

anyway after a strange theater performance last night in providence with tori amos, it was good to get back into a club where you could feel the energy of the crowd. a bra ended up on stage early in the show and i wore it during bury me tonight. it felt good against my skin.

umm, bri

ps… we just found out we’re playing conan o’brien december 30th…

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