12.04.99 – University of New Hampshire, Durham NH

brian typing.

last night everyone but me went out to an italian restaurant in easton pennsylvania for dinner. and everyone (band and crew) shat themselves ridiculously before we went on stage after dinner at lafayette. (am i allowed to volunteer that information about everyone?) — anyway, knowing that seven people shared this experience i still decided to eat my spaghetti and meatball supper (which they brought me — take-out — from the same restaurant) after the show.

so i woke up incredibly sick and spent the whole day feeling miserable and thinking i was going to puke on stage at unh tonight. but i didn’t. as soon as the show started i felt fine and as soon as it ended i felt shitty again. no more meatballs before bed. anyway, ryan told a story at the university of new hampshire fieldhouse tonight that needs clarifying…

we played the very same fieldhouse about three years ago, opening for “the verve pipe” while “the freshman” was the number one song in the country. we agreed to do the show permitted we would get an equal set length blah blah blah. so we arrived at the show and it wasn’t what we expected. no soundcheck, thirty minute set right when doors opened, etc… we were pissed off, so when they insisted we raise our t-shirt prices from ten bucks to match theirs at twenty, we put our foot down. our tour manager, ari weinsten, god love him, absolutely refused to budge, pushing the verve pipe to the point where they said we weren’t allowed to play the show unless we gave in and matched their prices.

we acquiesced, sort of. after our third song, ryan said “you might notice that our shirt prices are 20 bucks instead of the usual 10… that’s because another band on the bill tonight forced us to do it…. if you want a shirt for the regular price of ten bucks, find one of us after the show and we’ll hook you up.” the crowd went nuts. i was really glad we did it at the time. over the course of the next year we felt the repercussions of that statement — the verve pipe blacklisted us and told everyone in the music industry how obnoxious we were. there were publishing companies, record labels, etc that wouldn’t deal with us based on their loyalties to TVP (?) …. i think we were reminded of the incident tonight, returning to finally headline the same fieldhouse at unh.

i think the verve pipe recently released another album or something. check it out, while it’s still in print!

talking too much shit,

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