12.06.99 – University of Rhode Island, Kingston RI

We have a guest journal entry from our new best friends Judy and Erin from Brown University who brought us the little singing tree we had on display at the URI show… they said we could have it on the condition that they got to write in our cyberdiary. Free tree!

Dear fellow Guster fans,

We’re writing this tour journal entry because tonight at the URI show, we lost a friend. But we’re content now because we know that Doug–Douglas Fir, to be exact–is in a better place now: the Guster bus.

Doug was our pet Christmas tree/Hanukkah bush. He sings Christmas Carols, and if you have the right cables, he will sing along to your CDs and just about anything else. His mouth opens and closes, and his eyes light up and blink to the tune of the music.

Guster was of course intrigued by the idea (who wouldn’t be?), and so they took him up on stage tonight for his world premiere performace. They matched him to Ryan’s vocals, and he performed his part splendidly. His interpretations of Demons, All The Way Up To Heaven and Fa-Fa were particularly moving.

While Doug will be sorely missed in our dorm room here at Brown, we have had to acknowledge that he can only reach his full potential by studying under your favorite band and ours, Guster. It would be wrong to hold him and his powerful artistic message back.
As Doug himself likes to say when he isn’t plugged into another signal, “Have a tree-mendous holiday!”

Judy and Erin

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