12.07.99 – Newport Music Hall, Columbus OH

I swear this just happened. I visited our website to see that the conan link and hammerstein photos were up and found out we had a link to a guster chat room on the front page of our site. Being that it’s four in the morning, I logged on to the chat room under the name “Thundergod.” Afterall, I am the Thundergod. There were only a few other people in the room. One of them, Ally, was from Colby College. I wrote to her:

“Wow, that’s in Maine… cold”

and later added:

“DAMN cold” or something like that and then all of a sudden my screen flashed and I was booted off the chat line because I had used a bad word. What the fuck!? I’m in the BAND. I tried to post again but it wouldn’t let me. I am banished from my own chat line. At least I can cuss in my road journal.


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