12.08.99 – Day Off, Rochester NY

I was going up the elevator to our hotel room in Rochester NY today when a guy struck up a conversation with me.

“Did you just get off the bus with the trailer?”

“How’d you guess?” I said, wondering if it was the phlegm on my lips, the nappy crust in my eyes, or just my general band aroma, having woken up up minutes earlier at 1pm.

“What band are you in?” he asked.


Clearly he had no idea who we were, and was perplexed as to how we could have a bus and still be unknown to him. And I asked him what band he was in…. the buzzed, bleached-blond hair gave it away for me.


I pretended I had never heard of them, when really we are going to try to go see them tonight.

Columbus was wicked.


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