12.12.99 – Villanova University, Villanova PA

Last night at Villanova we attempted a few tricks. Being the last headlining show of the tour, and quite possibly our last headlining show ever (assuming some apocalyptic, Deep Impactesque sort of event goes down on New Year’s), we thought we would appease some raging fan2fanners and toss in some old stuff.

So, we threw a lick from Love For Me into the outro to Airport Song. I don’t think anyone even noticed. We closed Window with the guitar melody from Happy Frappy. This didn’t quite evoke the response we thought it would. And we brought two oldies out of retirement for the show — Like a Prayer and Scars and Stitches. Those tunes were feeling like Sugar Ray Leonard or George Foreman. Happily retired, yet cocky and feeling invincible and itching to get back in the ring like most boxers are… and so we gave them one last hurrah and it felt like being punched in the face repeatedly. The nostalgia of it all might have struck a chord with someone, like seeing Foreman bounce around in those red trunks one last time, but we sure sucked at those songs.

I think we played one of the best Rocketships and one of the best Airports of the tour though.

We encored with Pasty playing Silent Night on mandolin in front of his alma mater (and an all-Jew back-up band). Then we closed with an acoustic Mona Lisa. Someone kept yelling FREE BIRD through the first verse so Ryan stopped the song and smashed his guitar into little bits on stage. Of course, it was a $70 guitar we bought that day and it was our friend Brett heckling us from the front row the way he was supposed to. Is anything not staged in this band? We learned it from watching you, BNL, we learned it from watching you.

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