12.13.99 – The Orpheum, Boston MA

Okay, our tour is now over and I’m sitting in our hotel room watching as the 11 o’clock news is being re-aired (3am) and they just teased us to stick around because when they come back from commercial they’ll be showing highlights of The Barenaked Ladies at the Orpheum. We’ll see if they mention the opening band. I’ll give you the play by play.
So while BNL is more popular than God, I need to mention just how inspiring and admirable it is that everytime we play with them they take the time to chat with us, they remember our names (!) and they prove themselves to be genuine down to earth people. It’s nice to see good guys win.

Our set tonight was hardly 40 minutes long. No surprises — Happier, I Spy, Airport, Either Way, What You WIsh For, Fa Fa, Demons, Barrel of a Gun, Bury Me… we played to a crowd that had pretty much no clue who we were. They were nice to us, and I destroyed my hands during the set, playing wicked hard because I knew I had five weeks to recover.
I know Pasty is planning on writing another journal entry, and Angela is going to contribute something about tour highlights, so the road journal will have some activity between now and the new year.

And be sure to watch us on Conan O’Brien Dec 30th because the Channel 7 news sure didn’t mention us during their report on the Orpheum show tonight.

Without being too mushy, I’d like to say thanks to everyone in our crew for helping make this tour so much fun. Thanks to everyone that showed their support in the clubs, and everyone that followed my stupid road journal. And thank you to Mookie Wilson for being the greatest damn baseball player this millenium ever saw.


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