01.29.00 – Worcester, MA

tonight, when ‘great escape’ popped up in the set list, we had our monitor engineer push play on ‘goldfly’ instead… the recorded version of the song came through the house PA, and we lip-synched the first verse and pre-chorus. i was pretending to hit my drums, adam and ryan had their guitars muted, and they were lip-synching. then, when the chorus came around i broke away from the kit, approached ryan’s microphone, pretended that i was overcome with shame for being deceitful and confessed to the worcester crowd that we’d never actually played live before, and that we’d been lip-synching our whole careers. then we played great escape for real. the thing is, the joke seemed to go over a lot of people’s heads. i looked at faces in the audience as we were fake-playing the song and they were bobbing up and down, singing along, dancing… what the christ!? didn’t they hear how FAST the song was? it couldn’t possibly have been us live circa 2000. didn’t they hear the hi-hat tapping through the verse — surely they know there’s no hi-hat in my kit!? surely they understand the difference between the chain attachments that sizzle atop my hand-crashes and the distinctly unguster (live anyway) tone of a stick hitting a hi-hat!? surely they recognize that hi-hat as a steve lindsey production oversight from december ’97 and not a new texture recently introduced to my live kit? and then when i declared that guster would lip-synch no more, that we would actually perform our songs from here on out, i wasn’t sure if people were cheering because they believed we were frauds attempting to reform our lip-synching habit, or if they got the joke and were showing their appreciation — or maybe they were just cheering because the conguero was talking.

do you mean to tell me that it doesn’t matter what i say into the microphone? that people would applaud anything i said? that if i were to sing and miss a few notes here and there, that people would cheer anyway?

otherwise, the show tonight was the best we’ve had in a long time. we even attempted ‘closer’ for an encore. what a great crowd. how big is the centrum?

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