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02.25.00 – Denver, CO

maybe it was the because of the unexpected week off, but tonight felt really fresh in denver. there was a great vibe in the room. either way was particularly good.

sorry for the hiatus from this here diary. ryan still intends to write a journal entry about the video shoot experience. our laptop is on the fritz again. it sucks. now it’s a powerchord problem. maybe we should ask people to bring us pc laptop computers to our shows instead of all these baked goods.

it’s a long bumpy ride to salt lake city…


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02.11.00 – Salem, VA

Hey all–this is Adam. I’m taking over for Bri tonight. Tonight’s show was the best show we ever played in a basketball gym on a Friday in Virginia. The tone was set immediately by the 3 shirts that were tossed on stage each reading respectively: “I am RYAN,” “I am ADAM,” and “THUNDERGOD.” We are considering wearing these on the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborne (Kilbourn? Ckhillburren?)tentatively March 31st. I think we lived up to the Roanoke College paper’s article saying that “the show will be lively and interesting, and too hot to miss.”

Thanks to everyone who have been keeping us up to “competition weight” with all the baked goods!

G’night–I’m full of chocolate. AG


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02.10.00 – Athens, GA

I saw Peter Buck and Mike Mills walking down the street today while I sat outside of Angelo’s Pizzeria eating spinach lasagna even though it makes me gassy. They didn’t recognize me.

Last night in Chapel Hill some guy named Noah gave me a shirt with an iron-on popsicle on it. I graciously accepted it with some curiosity so he explained to me that our last time through North Carolina I complimented him on his shirt, which was identical. I guess I didn’t remember, but I’ve been wearing my gift for 24 hours since receiving it. It came off for the second half of the set tonight in Athens because some guy named Matt made everyone chant for me to remove it.

Ryan announced tonight that Ione Skye (from Say Anything) is 95% confirmed as his love interest in the video shoot next week in LA. We’re going to make a video.


Enthusiastic crowd tonight. Much thanks for dragging us out for a second encore even though the house music was playing and many people had left the building and we’d butchered “Dissolve” already in the first encore.

Where the hell is Salem, Virginia?

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02.08.00 – Winston-Salem, NC

Tonight we played in a huge chapel on the campus of Wake Forest University. They turned on the pipe organ for us so Ryan could noodle around during the show. He played “Jump,” “Axel F,” and brought someone from the crowd out to play the high melody of “Chopsticks” with him — pipe organs sound so cool. It seemed a little irreverrent to be performing these songs on such a holy instrument, in such a sacred setting, but then again we’re three Jews putting on a rock concert in a chapel, aren’t we?

Eric Casimiro, Guster Monitor Engineer Extraordinaire, is 26 years old today.

I think we have pictures!?

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02.06.00 – Utica, NY

guest entry- angela

ahhh- utica. i have to admit, i was a bit skeptical when i tried to eat lunch at a local cafe and was told they stopped serving food at 3:00. it was 3:30. boo. i started wondering about this place. but, oh, how my mind was changed . i’ll tell you how.

i met a woman who works at the Stanley Performing Arts Center whose name is dyana. she has four sons and told me she has listened to all sorts of music while her boys were growing up. she became a guster fan tonight. she was dancing in the aisle as she showed people to their seats, and i honestly never saw her without a smile on her face. she was just one of those people whom you feel genuinely happy about meeting. good stuff.

i also met a girl named lisa who drove all the way from burlington, vt. she goes to uvm, and i’m from vermont, so there was a connection. but she lives in france, so i was telling her about my trip to france a few years ago and it turns out we both spent time at this magical place called taize. nobody i’ve ever met before has known what i was talking about if i mentioned taize. it’s a unique connection. go us.

oh, check this out. i was standing behind the merch table and this guy came up to me and asked if i was selling the ben harper stuff. (we opened for ben harper tonight.) he had $16 and wanted to buy a $20 shirt. i told him i didn’t feel i could authorize that sale, but ben’s merch guy (a very cool person named vince) would be back soon. so this random guy next to the other guy says, “what are you trying to do?” shirt guy says, “i wanna buy that shirt but i only have $16.” random act of kindness guy says, “i can give you four bucks.” so, semi-long story made a little shorter, nice guy gives shirt guy 4 bucks and we’re all smiles. shirt guy says, “you know, that may honestly be the nicest thing anybody has ever done for me.” so groovy. (i think the nice guy’s name was simon, but i’m not sure.)

moral of the entry: don’t judge a town by it’s early closing cafe.

thanks, utica.

~angela marie arsenault

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02.05.00 – Hartford, CT

yesterday was a full day. woke up and went on the radio with dee snyder (of twisted sister) in hartford. talked about penis sizes and other such morning radio topics.






played a show at the webster theater to the loudest crowd we’ve ever encountered. felt like a beatle. jumped out of a cake.








then at 4:30 in the morning, as the bus was bound for route 84, we realized we hadn’t shut the doors to our trailer and that the contents of it were littered about main street in hartford. about a half a mile down the road i found my conga case and a heap of guster t-shirts lying in the slush. so that’s why the t-shirts we sell tonight will be mud-stained (but half-price!)…

psyched to see mr ben harper again. b


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02.03.00 – Towson, MD

Towson Maryland. We actually played Rainy Day, in its entirety.

To: () Subject: Favor in Towson Maryland

My girlfriend and Isaw you play at Villa Nova in Dec. You will be playing at our college town of Towson, maryland, at the Rechter theater in Feb. PLEASE PLEASE call her up on stage and have her sing “Rainy day” with the band.This is her favorite song and you didn’t play it at Villa Nova. She has serious vocal talent and would sound great… plus it would either get me points or get me in mad trouble 🙂 . Her name is Carol Guarrieri. she is a huge fan and has just introduced me to your awesome selves. Help a guy out.. she will be shocked! hopefully for the beter ‘n’ stuff. Dont forget.. i know its 2 months away.

Thanks Guys, Lee Trossbach Student at Towson University. Got Guster?

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02.02.00 – Pittsburgh, PA

Feb 2nd:

Groundhog day haikus Central Pennsylvania blues Haikus shouldn’t rhyme!?

All the way up to Pittsburgh? Rock School 101 Man from Nantucket

Scab on my finger Feels like chicken on the teeth Chicken on the teeth?

It’s official now It’s time Ryan and Adam Wrote some of these too…


I hate Bob Seger Except maybe Turn The Page I hate Bob Seger

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