02.06.00 – Utica, NY

guest entry- angela

ahhh- utica. i have to admit, i was a bit skeptical when i tried to eat lunch at a local cafe and was told they stopped serving food at 3:00. it was 3:30. boo. i started wondering about this place. but, oh, how my mind was changed . i’ll tell you how.

i met a woman who works at the Stanley Performing Arts Center whose name is dyana. she has four sons and told me she has listened to all sorts of music while her boys were growing up. she became a guster fan tonight. she was dancing in the aisle as she showed people to their seats, and i honestly never saw her without a smile on her face. she was just one of those people whom you feel genuinely happy about meeting. good stuff.

i also met a girl named lisa who drove all the way from burlington, vt. she goes to uvm, and i’m from vermont, so there was a connection. but she lives in france, so i was telling her about my trip to france a few years ago and it turns out we both spent time at this magical place called taize. nobody i’ve ever met before has known what i was talking about if i mentioned taize. it’s a unique connection. go us.

oh, check this out. i was standing behind the merch table and this guy came up to me and asked if i was selling the ben harper stuff. (we opened for ben harper tonight.) he had $16 and wanted to buy a $20 shirt. i told him i didn’t feel i could authorize that sale, but ben’s merch guy (a very cool person named vince) would be back soon. so this random guy next to the other guy says, “what are you trying to do?” shirt guy says, “i wanna buy that shirt but i only have $16.” random act of kindness guy says, “i can give you four bucks.” so, semi-long story made a little shorter, nice guy gives shirt guy 4 bucks and we’re all smiles. shirt guy says, “you know, that may honestly be the nicest thing anybody has ever done for me.” so groovy. (i think the nice guy’s name was simon, but i’m not sure.)

moral of the entry: don’t judge a town by it’s early closing cafe.

thanks, utica.

~angela marie arsenault

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