02.10.00 – Athens, GA

I saw Peter Buck and Mike Mills walking down the street today while I sat outside of Angelo’s Pizzeria eating spinach lasagna even though it makes me gassy. They didn’t recognize me.

Last night in Chapel Hill some guy named Noah gave me a shirt with an iron-on popsicle on it. I graciously accepted it with some curiosity so he explained to me that our last time through North Carolina I complimented him on his shirt, which was identical. I guess I didn’t remember, but I’ve been wearing my gift for 24 hours since receiving it. It came off for the second half of the set tonight in Athens because some guy named Matt made everyone chant for me to remove it.

Ryan announced tonight that Ione Skye (from Say Anything) is 95% confirmed as his love interest in the video shoot next week in LA. We’re going to make a video.


Enthusiastic crowd tonight. Much thanks for dragging us out for a second encore even though the house music was playing and many people had left the building and we’d butchered “Dissolve” already in the first encore.

Where the hell is Salem, Virginia?

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