02.11.00 – Salem, VA

Hey all–this is Adam. I’m taking over for Bri tonight. Tonight’s show was the best show we ever played in a basketball gym on a Friday in Virginia. The tone was set immediately by the 3 shirts that were tossed on stage each reading respectively: “I am RYAN,” “I am ADAM,” and “THUNDERGOD.” We are considering wearing these on the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborne (Kilbourn? Ckhillburren?)tentatively March 31st. I think we lived up to the Roanoke College paper’s article saying that “the show will be lively and interesting, and too hot to miss.”

Thanks to everyone who have been keeping us up to “competition weight” with all the baked goods!

G’night–I’m full of chocolate. AG


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2 responses to “02.11.00 – Salem, VA

  1. Clayton Cross

    Hey Guster!

    I was having a joyous read of the shenanigans over the years and came across this post! This was the first concert I was privileged enough to see you guys live and what a blast it was in the campus gym! I also realized when you’re here in Denver at the Ogden it’ll 4 days shy of 18 years! Keep being awesome and see you guys soon!

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