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03.29.00 – Mississippi Nights, St Louis MO

last night the moonlit floor of mississippi nights was filled with kids from forsyth blvd, dancing like fireflies beneath the milky twilight, they brought their flowered hair and the silver moon sparkled on it. except one kid who was drunk and belligerent and the security booted him.

today in minneapolis we’re tinkering with the idea of erasing the hard drive on our laptop. we may have to do the rest of the road journals on this tour from cybersmoothiecafe places.

delete hard-drive y/n ?


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03.27.00 – St. Louis, MO – Day Off

Hello faithful readers of the Guster road journal. This is guest journalist Pasty. After four days of shows, we now find ourselves with a day off residing in a hotel between the “Tums” factory and the headquarters of of Purina Dog chow. Ah, St. Louis. I thought that I would give a little bit of a wrap-up of the past week, as well as a couple of observations on the state of Guster. After 10 days off, spent in various parts of the country, last wednesday the crew re-assembled in the Garden State of New Jersey to embark on a seemingly endless tour. Although we have only been out a couple of days, everyone’s spirits are high and the band is very optimistic about what is to come…whatever that may be. A lot of the markets we have been hitting, we are now playing for the second time since the release of “Lost and Gone Forever.” The difference in the crowds this time around has been amazing. In places like Cincinnati, OH and East Lansing, MI, as well many places on the west coast we have more than doubled our past attendance and the energy level at many of these shows has literally been deafening. I feel sometimes like I work for the Beatles. The guys have also been working on some newer songs (not necessarlily their own) to start playing, as well as some of the old-school songs some of you have been longing for. So look for the upcoming weeks to hold some fresh additions to the setlists. If the past week has been an indication of things to come, also keep your eyes peeled for such goodies as crowd surfing versions of, “Stand By Me” and even more Beastie Boys. Plus guest appearances from some old friends, like Chicago area rep known to most as “Joe64” and his dad playing mandolin on demons at our show at Bradley Univ. in Peoria IL.

To make the shows even more special, we have had the honor to share the stage with two great bands. The past tour we had the pleasure of touring with the band “Owsley.” We now have the band “Josh Rouse” opening up for us on the current tour. I would highly recommend coming out the the shows early and catching these guys. They are not only an amazing band, but also a great bunch of people with whom to work and hang out.

On the crew end, “Employee of the month,” Sean Lynde describes his current Guster experience as, “awesome.” To make things interesting, monitor engineer Eric Casimiro is constantly trying to find new ways to connect our multipin split, while front of house engineer Rob Calabrese has taken up day trading. Stay tuned for an update from merchandise person extraordinaire, Angela to see how she has been keeping busy.

Employee of the month isn’t all ham and plaques.

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03.25.00 – Cinicinnati, OH – Bogart’s

a couple of hours before showtime tonight i called home and got my mom to surf around on the web looking for our last cincinatti set list for me — she came through big and i was able to throw four songs into the set that we didn’t play last time through town. including the tender-but-rarely-played ballads “eden” and “melanie.”

we saw the latest incarnation of our video today as well. it’s been changed a lot, so now the article about the video in the new guster gazette is a house of lies. we replaced a lot of the footage of the kids flying with footage of us performing at our mock-hawaiian-luau — i’m saying this as if it makes sense to anyone. when you see the video archived on our website in five years you’ll know what i’m talking about.

angela and pasty are up for some guest entries pretty soon. before i sign off and wake up in peoria i’d like to add that the crowd in cincinatti was ridiculous. i walked on stage and couldn’t believe how many people were there and how spirited everyone was. almost felt like boston. the city, not the band.

– bri

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03.24.00 – East Lansing, MI – Michigan State U

threw a frisbee around in east lansing for a while, logging my first hours of off-stage exercise in the year 2000. the show was really energetic, probably from a ten-day respite. i went to a party at mich state (go spartas! the orangepeople suck!) and enjoyed “jello shots” which apparently are the clever idea of combining cheap vodka and jello. the things i missed in college!

thanks to viv for the banana bread… sorry this is so short, i need to return to unsubscribing hundreds of angry people from our email announcement list.


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03.20.00 – Newark NJ, at the airport

hello you.

it is ryan miller writing to you from the international airport located here in scenic newark, new jersey.

ahhh, sweet new jersey.

we are about to begin the second leg of our “lost and on tour forever tour 2000” in east lansing, michigan. that is exciting, i think. the first half of the tour went well- there were good times and there were bad times. the bad times: cancelling our florida shows, losing my voice in my home state of texas, and our bus driver chester’s chronic halitosis.

Ione Skye

the good times: the palladium show in worcester, seeing the grand canyon for the first time, shooting our first rock video (co-starring the penultimate crush of my teenage years, ione skye), friendship, and in-and-out burgers (animal styles) in los angeles. mmmm….. cardboard fries. but perhaps the greatest moment of the last six months occurred just a few minutes ago. let’s watch……

i was in the newstand across from gate 32 in the newark, new jersey airport. we brian and i had arrived early (!) and i was in desperate need of some intellectual stimulation. of course, i immediately reached for the “jane” magazine with miss monica lewinsky on the cover. (“Monica’s post-Bill sex life! Hint: It’s not Al Gore!”) Fantastic!!!! perusing the pages (“Non-ugly Cd Holders!” “Ten Hot New Ways To Do It!”), i came upon the second to last page and lo and behold!! there was our ubiquitous press photo!!!! this is text, verbatim:

(the section is called “Deal With It”)

the headline reads:

“Problems solved here: a sister’s cyber affair, your own grueling breakup and (no shit) GUSTER’S WEIRD-ASS DREAM”

(editor’s note: about 4 months ago, Dana, our publicist, asked us for a real-life dream that she was going to have analyzed by some magazine. i had a one, a dream, so i sent it to her, not knowing it’s final destination….)

“In Your Dreams by Dr. Belisa Vranich”

“I’m working at a store in a big green field. Vermont, I think. A car pulls up and a father gets out with his three grown children. There is an older daughter, a middle daughter and a younger brother. The children ask if i want to play soccer. We kick the ball around, then i recognize the middle daughter as Milla Jovovich, who starred in the film The Fifth Element. She and I break away from the others, and she looks at me and says, “Your upper body is fine, but you have chicken legs.” Then she kisses me on the cheek and runs away. This is true. I promise. – Love, Ryan Miller lead singer of Guster.”

“Gee, you’re really screwed up. Just kidding. It seems as though you feel like things are being dangled in front of you, then taken away because you’re not worthy. It’s sort of sad that the “perfect being” (as Milla was called in The Fifth Element) humiliates you for your poultry physique. My guess is that you are pretty trusting, playful guy, and you often feel insecure about what you can offer. The green field symbolizes possibilities, but you feel out of your league. The sisterly kiss represents your frustration over not being taken seriously. I suggest you take on your insecurities and stare them in the face till their not so daunting- or go to the gym and do more leg work.”

Wow! Armchair psychoanalysis about ME in the pages of (i’m told) a very popular magazine for teens, tweens and young adult women! Woo hoo! I’m “insecure about what i can offer!” I need to “take on my insecurities and stare them in the face!” Neato!

Definitely a carreer pinnacle. You heard it here first.

See you in Michigan, Michigan.


ryan miller

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03.17.00 – Day Off

Oregon will not be silenced. The following email is used without permission:

OK we’ve been pushing Guster like crazy around Portland… dragging everyone we know to this show. It ROKROKROK’ed! And all you guys can say about us is:

“03.12.00 – The Fenix, Seattle, WA

The shofar returned in Seattle, but the Portland show won the week in the Northwest. Farewell Owsley. You and your band will be missed.”

?? Geez, you guys totally had an awesome show… fans were out in numbers! You write paragraphs about other cities (especially the east coast) and we get 1/2 a sentence over here… where you’re hardly known!

This not to mention all the calling to the only radio station that plays your songs!

C’mon guys… we are behind times out here in the west, but as you said the Portland show won the week. Maybe us “little folk” deserve a bit more than 1/2 a sentence. Geez, it would have even been nice to hear more about the Nike store tour!

Oh well… I’ll be at your next Portland show… guess that’s all that’s important, right?


D. R. Will

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03.10.00 – Richard’s on Richards, Vancouver BC

Vancouver is the new Iowa City. And there are one or two people out there who know exactly what I’m talking about. I awoke in a cold sweat last night (at 70 miles per hour) from a dream where I looked up at Adam during “Dissolve” and he was playing the shofar (ram’s horn for our goy friends). Then my sweat got colder as I realized that was no dream at all. The haunting sound of the shofar was fresh in my ears, and in the key of Dissolve… “Tekeeeyaaaaaah Degolaaaaaah….”

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03.06.00 – Day Off, Oregon

it’s monday afternoon and as we drive north along lake abert in central oregon, 6-year-old colin macneil brown is showing off photos of himself on stage with guster at the el rey theater to his class of 1st graders in los angeles. today is “share day.” and friday night, colin shared the stage with us for a riveting and spontaneous-seeming guest vocal performance on FA FA… ahh, but it was all completely rehearsed. after we played the song ryan singled him out as he sat on someone’s shoulders, hovering above the audience, singing the lyrics more accurately than we can. and we brought him up for the colin-remix and it was a big hit. he worked the crowd like gino masi in his prime. and yet he was on the tour bus practicing the song with us two hours earlier. we’re going straight to hell.

thanks to everyone in sacramento that stocked us with baked goods for our three days off before the spokane show. especially the cake of the rodeo image from the front page of our website. this morning i ate cape cod off the massachusetts silhouette.

tonight, we eat worcester.

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