03.17.00 – Day Off

Oregon will not be silenced. The following email is used without permission:

OK we’ve been pushing Guster like crazy around Portland… dragging everyone we know to this show. It ROKROKROK’ed! And all you guys can say about us is:

“03.12.00 – The Fenix, Seattle, WA

The shofar returned in Seattle, but the Portland show won the week in the Northwest. Farewell Owsley. You and your band will be missed.”

?? Geez, you guys totally had an awesome show… fans were out in numbers! You write paragraphs about other cities (especially the east coast) and we get 1/2 a sentence over here… where you’re hardly known!

This not to mention all the calling to the only radio station that plays your songs!

C’mon guys… we are behind times out here in the west, but as you said the Portland show won the week. Maybe us “little folk” deserve a bit more than 1/2 a sentence. Geez, it would have even been nice to hear more about the Nike store tour!

Oh well… I’ll be at your next Portland show… guess that’s all that’s important, right?


D. R. Will

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