03.25.00 – Cinicinnati, OH – Bogart’s

a couple of hours before showtime tonight i called home and got my mom to surf around on the web looking for our last cincinatti set list for me — she came through big and i was able to throw four songs into the set that we didn’t play last time through town. including the tender-but-rarely-played ballads “eden” and “melanie.”

we saw the latest incarnation of our video today as well. it’s been changed a lot, so now the article about the video in the new guster gazette is a house of lies. we replaced a lot of the footage of the kids flying with footage of us performing at our mock-hawaiian-luau — i’m saying this as if it makes sense to anyone. when you see the video archived on our website in five years you’ll know what i’m talking about.

angela and pasty are up for some guest entries pretty soon. before i sign off and wake up in peoria i’d like to add that the crowd in cincinatti was ridiculous. i walked on stage and couldn’t believe how many people were there and how spirited everyone was. almost felt like boston. the city, not the band.

– bri

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