03.27.00 – St. Louis, MO – Day Off

Hello faithful readers of the Guster road journal. This is guest journalist Pasty. After four days of shows, we now find ourselves with a day off residing in a hotel between the “Tums” factory and the headquarters of of Purina Dog chow. Ah, St. Louis. I thought that I would give a little bit of a wrap-up of the past week, as well as a couple of observations on the state of Guster. After 10 days off, spent in various parts of the country, last wednesday the crew re-assembled in the Garden State of New Jersey to embark on a seemingly endless tour. Although we have only been out a couple of days, everyone’s spirits are high and the band is very optimistic about what is to come…whatever that may be. A lot of the markets we have been hitting, we are now playing for the second time since the release of “Lost and Gone Forever.” The difference in the crowds this time around has been amazing. In places like Cincinnati, OH and East Lansing, MI, as well many places on the west coast we have more than doubled our past attendance and the energy level at many of these shows has literally been deafening. I feel sometimes like I work for the Beatles. The guys have also been working on some newer songs (not necessarlily their own) to start playing, as well as some of the old-school songs some of you have been longing for. So look for the upcoming weeks to hold some fresh additions to the setlists. If the past week has been an indication of things to come, also keep your eyes peeled for such goodies as crowd surfing versions of, “Stand By Me” and even more Beastie Boys. Plus guest appearances from some old friends, like Chicago area rep known to most as “Joe64” and his dad playing mandolin on demons at our show at Bradley Univ. in Peoria IL.

To make the shows even more special, we have had the honor to share the stage with two great bands. The past tour we had the pleasure of touring with the band “Owsley.” We now have the band “Josh Rouse” opening up for us on the current tour. I would highly recommend coming out the the shows early and catching these guys. They are not only an amazing band, but also a great bunch of people with whom to work and hang out.

On the crew end, “Employee of the month,” Sean Lynde describes his current Guster experience as, “awesome.” To make things interesting, monitor engineer Eric Casimiro is constantly trying to find new ways to connect our multipin split, while front of house engineer Rob Calabrese has taken up day trading. Stay tuned for an update from merchandise person extraordinaire, Angela to see how she has been keeping busy.

Employee of the month isn’t all ham and plaques.

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