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03.06.00 – Day Off, Oregon

it’s monday afternoon and as we drive north along lake abert in central oregon, 6-year-old colin macneil brown is showing off photos of himself on stage with guster at the el rey theater to his class of 1st graders in los angeles. today is “share day.” and friday night, colin shared the stage with us for a riveting and spontaneous-seeming guest vocal performance on FA FA… ahh, but it was all completely rehearsed. after we played the song ryan singled him out as he sat on someone’s shoulders, hovering above the audience, singing the lyrics more accurately than we can. and we brought him up for the colin-remix and it was a big hit. he worked the crowd like gino masi in his prime. and yet he was on the tour bus practicing the song with us two hours earlier. we’re going straight to hell.

thanks to everyone in sacramento that stocked us with baked goods for our three days off before the spokane show. especially the cake of the rodeo image from the front page of our website. this morning i ate cape cod off the massachusetts silhouette.

tonight, we eat worcester.

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