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04.30.00 – Mayo Island, Richmond VA

This is a picture of us playing at the Mayo Island Earth Day Festival today in Richmond VA

This is a picture of Mayo Island following the big Earth Day Festival today:

Earth Day 2000!


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04.26.00 – Charlottesville VA – UVA

We had a show earlier this evening in Charlottesville VA… since our producer, Steve Lillywhite, is recording the new Dave Matthews album in town this spring, he dropped by to join us on bass guitar for What You Wish For, Two Points For Honesty, X Ray Eyes, and Barrel of a Gun. He also said he would be bringing the singer and drummer for the aforementioned rock band with him, which led to the following argument in Gustercamp:

“Do you think they’ll be coming on the bus?”
“Yeah, where else would they hang out?”
“Well then we should clean up a bit.”
{Pasty begins vacuuming}
“Wait! Not too much — if it’s too neat in here it’ll look like we cleaned up just for the occasion.”
“Who cares?”
“C’mon, they know what tour busses look like… you vacuumed too much already, now we need to add some dirt…”

and so on and so on… Lillywhite came by himself and did a good job on his four tunes. Then when we kicked into “Fa Fa” the crowd started freaking out and while we thought for a minute that our new single was catching on and forcing people into hysterics, we soon realized that we were in the presence of some real celebrities, who stayed and watched our encores of All The Way Up To Heaven, Bury Me, and Mona Lisa (unplugged)… a smattering from our complete discography.

Carter hugged me after the show. They were friendly and down to earth. Looking forward to our show together in Indianapolis. Indianapolis!?


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04.23.00 – Philadelphia PA

before we went on stage at the electric factory i noticed that the back of our trailer had been tagged with spray paint… a couple of undecipherable squiggled graffiti letters in vibrant color on the white door of our trailer… so i reasoned that we were in philly, it’s a tough town, these things happen. later i learned from pasty that we’d been tagged a few days earlier in new hampshire.

new hampshire!? how lame is that? isn’t portsmouth like the yuppiest city in the country? what a not-bad-ass story that makes. our trailer was spray painted while parked next to a smoothie shop outside of the quaint portsmouth music hall in new hampshire! live free or die!

Dan Myers on Sax during Fa Fa

oh yes, philly. we played a 5-song acoustic set for a radio station that afternoon and my hands were beyond the point of caring anymore so i hit pretty hard at the electric factory. there was a hammerstein-like crowd and they were great to us. the highlight of the night was actually having a successful pinata bashing for the first time… we had SWOOP, the philadelphia eagles’ mascot (famous guster fan!)do the honors, beating the pinata of adam’s head so it showered matzah all over the first few rows of the crowd. it was like we’d envisioned it when we decided to make the pinatas… adam’s plaster head spiraling around spewing its insides to thunderous applause from the crowd! the night before in providence i couldn’t get the matzah to come out of the pinata of my head, and the first luau night in dc, ryan’s pinata fell from the ceiling and nearly knocked him out (see “Spinal Tap Moment” in pasty’s latest journal entry)…


Special thanks to our crew who worked so hard during national Guster week

Luau Aftermath

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04.22.00 – PPAC, Providence RI

at the PFPAC in providence last night we played the cover song you all chose for us to perform from our little website contest thing. here are the top ten vote-getters:

Song:                                                  Votes:
Come On Eileen                                    154258
Take On Me                                           97012
Funky Cold Medina                             24101
I Want it That Way                             18079
Tom’s Diner                                          14568
Kyle’s Mom is a Big Fat Bitch            8004
We Built this City on Rock and Roll  6115
Conjunction Junction                         3650
We are Family                                      3251
Just a Friend                                         2392

we had dan myers on sax for the tune so he covered the violin melodies and we actually did dexy’s midnight runners proud. i remember as a college dj finding a vinyl album of theirs post-come-on-eileen where they were clean cut and wearing nice suits on the cover, a harsh re-imaging from the banjo-plucking, overall-wearing dexy’s we came to know through their smash hit. toora loo rye-aye…

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04.20.00 – 9:30 Club, Washington DC

Once again, this is guest journalist “Pasty” sitting in for the puffy-handed Thundergod for an evening. Let me begin by saying that after three tries, it was nice to finally sell out the 9:30 club here in Washington D.C. A rowdy crowd was in the house tonight ready for Rock Show Luaua 2000. Some came dressed for the occassion, others were given lei’s upon entry. The scene was set.

With last night marking the official kick-off to “National Guster Week,” all of us here at camp guster were finally getting to see some of the ideas in our heads come to fruition. Among these ideas: a giant backdrop with a tropical paradise scene; large neon (and extremely grotesque) palm trees; tiki torches (like the kind you use in your backyard to keep bugs away); a parrot made of wood perched 15 feet in the air; and the ultimate gag….oversized pinatas resembling (loosely) Ryan, Brian and Adam filled with Matzo, which would be lowered from the ceiling at a certain point in the show and smashed.
Much of the afternoon was spent setting the stage with all of this crap. Everything was to go without a hitch. The banner went up, the parrot was perched, the torches were lit (and promptly put out due to an overage of smoke), and a huge head of Ryan Miller was carefully placed in the rafters to be lowered after Barrel. However, in a 100% “Spinal Tap” moment, during the breakdown of Bury Me, Brian and Adam launch into “Wipeout,” and from front of house I hear a loud *thud.* The pinata has fallen and hit Ryan on the shoulder. So much for the big surprise. Ryan quickly recovered, explained the joke and threw his head into the audience.

The rest of the set went well, and the high point of the evening: a second encore consisting of Brian singing the song, “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None the Richer. What made this a particularly interesting version of the song…the guys were wearing nothing but grass skirts…and I do mean nothing. Long live rock and roll.

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04.17.00 – Day Off

day off. two nights ago in worcester, matt “the meat grinder” kosciak created a 25-foot banner that read:


and i burst through it before we played our encore to the people of assumption college, shattering it into pieces. two pieces.

the crowd was pretty charged, and ryan got ahold of a security flashlight early on in the night so he could join in the fun of illuminating people when they broke the rules, like climbing on peoples’ shoulders.

yesterday in new hampshire adam let me use his flowbee, and sharon from josh rouse’s band joined us on upright bass on “dissolve” and “the prize.”

tomorrow we welcome dan myers on the bus for a week. national guster week. cheers.

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April 15th – somewhere in massachusetts

Hello from backstage at Assumption College in Worcester. The members of the student activities board are currently running around looking for a safety pin or thumb tack and lighter so that we can pop the nasty blister on my finger with a sharp, sterilized object. Be right back…

Operation was successful, though the tip of my finger still has a lot of fluid in it. Eric, our monitor engineer, thinks I should have lanced the blister in two places. Sorry that you have to be reading this, mom.

Guster intern extraordinaire Matt “The Meat Grinder” Kosciak should be showing up with a “Gorcester is for Wuster” sign tonight. It’s a big gym show, like last night at Stonehill college, and the school is taking good care of us. Not only do we have internet access in our dressing room, but there was a drum set, a piano, and a bass guitar in the basement. We spent a couple of hours this afternoon trying to be like Ben Folds Five.

Ryan & Adam are off playing Racketball right now

Thanks to the people of the greater Northampton/Amherst/South Hadley area for making Thursday’s show one of the best of the tour. Sorry we forgot to write about it.

I left puss on the Assumption College keyboard. That’s so bad.

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