4.01.00 – House of Blues, Chicago IL

im so fukcen wasted holy shit.w i hate fucken patsy. ican right in this journal when i pleaaaaaase biches,


actually i’m sober and that was the best i could do on april fools. fooled you, you thought i was drunk and typing in the road diary?

last night in wisconsin we introduced our new “garbage can medley” where we play about 20 seconds of all of our old retired songs like dregs, cocoon, etc…

there was a contingent in the crowd dressed in full-on luau gear — coconut bikinis, etc… i thought for a minute that our video was reacting well with the public but then i realized that we just finished the editing and it will be two weeks before any could possibly see it. in canada. on much music.

also noticed that crowds have caught on to blowing bubbles in the front row during “either way.” ryan suggested that this become a new tradition last week in east lansing and it seems to be working. creates a nice effect, especially when ryan delivers that line “step on a kid he’ll grow up hating you.” one day ryan will explain his lyrics to all of us.


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