04.05.00 – Newport Music Hall – Columbus, OH

Reflections on Los Angeles —

First and foremost, Adam was wandering around the CBS studios in LA and found the set for The Price Is Right. Then he found the big wheel you spin to get into the showcase showdown. You know what wheel I’m talking about. Adam spun the wheel. It landed on $1 — I shit you not. We don’t have a digital photo to prove it, but it happened.

So our guitars never made it to the Craig Kilborn show (you’d think I would know how to spell his last name by now) — we had to rent them, in case any astute viewers picked up on the blond color of the guitar Adam was playing. It worked out okay. Ryan forgot to yell “The Thundergod!” into the microphone during the drum breakdown in Fa Fa’s bridge, but he has a chance to redeem himself on Letterman in June. I proudly wore my “Alabama Rock & Roll Tour 1984” t-shirt but people tell me it wasn’t legible on the television. As for what Craig Kilborn is “really like,” I couldn’t tell you, but when we told him we were big fans of his old show on Comedy Central he said “this show’s much better.”

Reflections on Columbus Ohio —

We had to take a red-eye flight to get to Ohio in time for our show. Unfortunately our equipment didn’t make it on the same flight and we were stuck with no gear in Columbus (except the guitars which were never shipped to LA)… we rented and bought a hodge-podge percussion kit (hodge-podge!?) and played a show with no guitar effects for the first time in a long time. So we went into the archives, breaking out most of the songs from Parachute for the occasion. Fall In Two, Mona Lisa, Window, Eden, Dissolve… pretty much all of the songs that didn’t make it on The Garbage Can Medley. We even broke out Rainy Day for an encore just because we were feeling sexy.

Reflections on The Grapes of Wrath —

Steinbeck takes a partisan posture to indict the myth of California as a Promised Land while his participatory aesthetic seems based on a trinity between writer, text, and reader to ensure maximum affective impact…

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