04.07.00 – Waterstreet Music Hall, Rochester NY

tonight in rochester we made a bold attempt at a new gag — we received an email from someone where she described her nightmare to us…

> Hey Guys!

> > I am so looking forward to the Guster show in Rochester, NY on April 7th that I had > a very frightening dream about it last night. The place was packed and Adam and Brian came > on stage, but no Ryan. Then “Ryan” came on but he was really, really fat and he had long, gnarly > hair. He sort of looked like a greasy truck driver with the wife beater shirt and all. Anyways > you started playing and sounded really bad, and then realized that it wasn’t Ryan on stage, it was > a poser. Then the real Ryan came out > and that’s all I remember. Just wanted to make sure that was a dream.

> > Sincerely Yours,

> > Jacki Radell

… and so we decided to act out jacki’s dream at the top of the show when we took the stage. we thought she’d be freaked out to see that her nightmare came true — we delivered it just as she dreamt it. our friend from tufts, andy custer (he played bass on the gus album parachute), played the role — we dressed him up like a truck driver and stuck a pillow under his shirt and sent him out there as “ryan” about ten seconds after me and adam took the stage. the crowd was confused. then the real, ungreasy ryan came out and read the email aloud. the crowd clapped, but they were confused.

so we reasoned that the joke was pretty much for us and the one person who sent the email and saw her nightmare become reality… but then ryan said he met her after the show, expecting her to convey the thrill of the moment, the absurdity of it all to him… and this is what she said:

“yeah, i’m the girl who sent the email thing… it was sort of cool.”

this makes me feel like tenacious d in the episode ‘the fan.’ jack black and kyle gass decide to stalk their only fan, “lee.” those of you with access to hbo or the 6 tenacious d episodes know what i’m talking about. here’s another tip: the thank you section in lost & gone forever is almost a direct quote from the episode about flarna where kyle dies.

otherwise, the rochester show was amazing. thanks to joey at wber for the two-hour on-air interview this afternoon. you rarely find a station these days willing to let you take over the airways and play whatever records you want and talk about whatever you feel like. cheers.


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