April 15th – somewhere in massachusetts

Hello from backstage at Assumption College in Worcester. The members of the student activities board are currently running around looking for a safety pin or thumb tack and lighter so that we can pop the nasty blister on my finger with a sharp, sterilized object. Be right back…

Operation was successful, though the tip of my finger still has a lot of fluid in it. Eric, our monitor engineer, thinks I should have lanced the blister in two places. Sorry that you have to be reading this, mom.

Guster intern extraordinaire Matt “The Meat Grinder” Kosciak should be showing up with a “Gorcester is for Wuster” sign tonight. It’s a big gym show, like last night at Stonehill college, and the school is taking good care of us. Not only do we have internet access in our dressing room, but there was a drum set, a piano, and a bass guitar in the basement. We spent a couple of hours this afternoon trying to be like Ben Folds Five.

Ryan & Adam are off playing Racketball right now

Thanks to the people of the greater Northampton/Amherst/South Hadley area for making Thursday’s show one of the best of the tour. Sorry we forgot to write about it.

I left puss on the Assumption College keyboard. That’s so bad.

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