04.20.00 – 9:30 Club, Washington DC

Once again, this is guest journalist “Pasty” sitting in for the puffy-handed Thundergod for an evening. Let me begin by saying that after three tries, it was nice to finally sell out the 9:30 club here in Washington D.C. A rowdy crowd was in the house tonight ready for Rock Show Luaua 2000. Some came dressed for the occassion, others were given lei’s upon entry. The scene was set.

With last night marking the official kick-off to “National Guster Week,” all of us here at camp guster were finally getting to see some of the ideas in our heads come to fruition. Among these ideas: a giant backdrop with a tropical paradise scene; large neon (and extremely grotesque) palm trees; tiki torches (like the kind you use in your backyard to keep bugs away); a parrot made of wood perched 15 feet in the air; and the ultimate gag….oversized pinatas resembling (loosely) Ryan, Brian and Adam filled with Matzo, which would be lowered from the ceiling at a certain point in the show and smashed.
Much of the afternoon was spent setting the stage with all of this crap. Everything was to go without a hitch. The banner went up, the parrot was perched, the torches were lit (and promptly put out due to an overage of smoke), and a huge head of Ryan Miller was carefully placed in the rafters to be lowered after Barrel. However, in a 100% “Spinal Tap” moment, during the breakdown of Bury Me, Brian and Adam launch into “Wipeout,” and from front of house I hear a loud *thud.* The pinata has fallen and hit Ryan on the shoulder. So much for the big surprise. Ryan quickly recovered, explained the joke and threw his head into the audience.

The rest of the set went well, and the high point of the evening: a second encore consisting of Brian singing the song, “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None the Richer. What made this a particularly interesting version of the song…the guys were wearing nothing but grass skirts…and I do mean nothing. Long live rock and roll.

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