04.22.00 – PPAC, Providence RI

at the PFPAC in providence last night we played the cover song you all chose for us to perform from our little website contest thing. here are the top ten vote-getters:

Song:                                                  Votes:
Come On Eileen                                    154258
Take On Me                                           97012
Funky Cold Medina                             24101
I Want it That Way                             18079
Tom’s Diner                                          14568
Kyle’s Mom is a Big Fat Bitch            8004
We Built this City on Rock and Roll  6115
Conjunction Junction                         3650
We are Family                                      3251
Just a Friend                                         2392

we had dan myers on sax for the tune so he covered the violin melodies and we actually did dexy’s midnight runners proud. i remember as a college dj finding a vinyl album of theirs post-come-on-eileen where they were clean cut and wearing nice suits on the cover, a harsh re-imaging from the banjo-plucking, overall-wearing dexy’s we came to know through their smash hit. toora loo rye-aye…

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