04.23.00 – Philadelphia PA

before we went on stage at the electric factory i noticed that the back of our trailer had been tagged with spray paint… a couple of undecipherable squiggled graffiti letters in vibrant color on the white door of our trailer… so i reasoned that we were in philly, it’s a tough town, these things happen. later i learned from pasty that we’d been tagged a few days earlier in new hampshire.

new hampshire!? how lame is that? isn’t portsmouth like the yuppiest city in the country? what a not-bad-ass story that makes. our trailer was spray painted while parked next to a smoothie shop outside of the quaint portsmouth music hall in new hampshire! live free or die!

Dan Myers on Sax during Fa Fa

oh yes, philly. we played a 5-song acoustic set for a radio station that afternoon and my hands were beyond the point of caring anymore so i hit pretty hard at the electric factory. there was a hammerstein-like crowd and they were great to us. the highlight of the night was actually having a successful pinata bashing for the first time… we had SWOOP, the philadelphia eagles’ mascot (famous guster fan!)do the honors, beating the pinata of adam’s head so it showered matzah all over the first few rows of the crowd. it was like we’d envisioned it when we decided to make the pinatas… adam’s plaster head spiraling around spewing its insides to thunderous applause from the crowd! the night before in providence i couldn’t get the matzah to come out of the pinata of my head, and the first luau night in dc, ryan’s pinata fell from the ceiling and nearly knocked him out (see “Spinal Tap Moment” in pasty’s latest journal entry)…


Special thanks to our crew who worked so hard during national Guster week

Luau Aftermath

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