04.26.00 – Charlottesville VA – UVA

We had a show earlier this evening in Charlottesville VA… since our producer, Steve Lillywhite, is recording the new Dave Matthews album in town this spring, he dropped by to join us on bass guitar for What You Wish For, Two Points For Honesty, X Ray Eyes, and Barrel of a Gun. He also said he would be bringing the singer and drummer for the aforementioned rock band with him, which led to the following argument in Gustercamp:

“Do you think they’ll be coming on the bus?”
“Yeah, where else would they hang out?”
“Well then we should clean up a bit.”
{Pasty begins vacuuming}
“Wait! Not too much — if it’s too neat in here it’ll look like we cleaned up just for the occasion.”
“Who cares?”
“C’mon, they know what tour busses look like… you vacuumed too much already, now we need to add some dirt…”

and so on and so on… Lillywhite came by himself and did a good job on his four tunes. Then when we kicked into “Fa Fa” the crowd started freaking out and while we thought for a minute that our new single was catching on and forcing people into hysterics, we soon realized that we were in the presence of some real celebrities, who stayed and watched our encores of All The Way Up To Heaven, Bury Me, and Mona Lisa (unplugged)… a smattering from our complete discography.

Carter hugged me after the show. They were friendly and down to earth. Looking forward to our show together in Indianapolis. Indianapolis!?


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