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05.28.00 – Tampa, FL

Radiothing 2000 in Tampa. Fortunately we had our Floridian friend Todd Diciurcio on hand to spice up our 25 minute set today. He’s an artist. After we played “Barrel of a Gun” and “Happier” we brought him and his bare canvas on stage for the rest of the set so he could create an improvised portrait of our band during the show:

Todd's work in the initial stages

Todd's work nearing completion

Todd's triumphant finished product

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Two members of our beloved road crew are moving on this summer…
Eric Casimiro (monitors, sleigh bells) & Angela Arsenault (merchandise) are off to resolve the evening for its best tidings. We’d like to bid them a fond adieu.

Thanks for a fantastic year.

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05.22.00 – go knicks

The Omaha show (sorry we’ve been forgetting to list these radio festival gigs on the site) was ridiculous. We played with Tone Loc, Mandi Moore, LFO, Hanson, Christina, and others. The crowd had know idea who we were and didn’t care that we played our instruments while most of the other acts on the bill just danced to their records.

We did get a nice Pavlovian squeal out of the crowd when we took an overly-dramatic bow with our arms linked together from the front of the stage at the end of our 24-minute set. The audience of 10 year old girls from Nebraska seemed to miss the sarcasm of the gesture and we left the stage laughing hysterically while Tone Loc’s road crew set up his DAT player.

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05.19.00 – nebraska

Friday night. Omaha Nebraska. We have reason to believe Christina Aguilera is staying in the same hotel as us tonight. So we’re planning on staking out a spot in the lobby where we’ll pretend to play cribbage until we get a glimpse. Unfortunately we have to catch a flight home right after our set tomorrow, so we won’t be around to witness the festival headliners: Hanson, LFO, and Christina…

Thankfully, all three of us reviewed Foreigner’s performance in Memphis two weeks ago, so please consult the May 7th road diaries to get your fill of irreverent commentary on a modern artist who writes bigger hits than we do.

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05.15.00 – portland me

we recycled a joke for our entrance saturday night at the state theater in maine. a couple years ago at a halloween show at avalon in boston (the one with the christmas theme) we had three imposters in full-body halloween costumes take the stage instead of us. the crowd went nuts, thinking it was the three of us dressed as gorillas or whatever, and then we delivered the punch line, walking out and taking our instruments from them anti-climactically in our regular clothes.

so we attempted the joke again in maine, having found three anakin skywalker masks on the bus while cleaning it out (we bid the bus adieu this weekend)… our three imposters took the stage in their star wars masks, trying their best to nail down our mannerisms, but the crowd was just confused. then we came out, our imposters left, and we revelled in anti-climax for a few seconds before kicking into “happier.” the maine show was good, though we felt a little fatigued toward the end. i think we need this break from the road, though thursday’s show in nashville was probably the best of the whole tour.

this week we have a few radio show obligations to fulfill (tonight in new york, thursday in alabama, saturday in nebraska with hanson and christine aguilera — i’m not kidding)and then we have a month off, more or less. expect big announcements about our big big august appearances in BOSTON and NEW YORK soon. the road diary may get a little quiet in the coming weeks, but we still love you.


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05.11.00 – Dancing in the District, Nashville TN

hello from nashville where we are soon to perform our last southern show for quite a while. the summer tour doesn’t appear to be rolling through this part of the country.

last night in greenville we got to play a show with jump little children before they go into the studio to record their new album. they played a song in their set called “angel dust” that struck me as The Greatest Song Ever. watch for it. after the show the student activities kids at furman university showed up with 22 piping hot boxes of glazed krispy kreme donuts for everyone who was loading out. the 4 that i ate (donuts, not boxes of donuts) struck me as The Greatest Donuts Ever.

off to maine!?


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05.07.00 – Beale St Festival – Memphis TN (Adam)

Hello all–this is Adam here to give you my take on what I call the “Foreigner Fiasco.” First of all, I woke up in the morning (ok it was 1pm) at the concert site to the infamous Memphis heat baking over a field of what smelled suspiciously like horse poo. We played first on the “Manure Stage” before Randy Newman, Ricki Lee Jones, Collective Soul, and of course in much excitement and anticipation, Foreigner.

We were a little worried when no one was in front of the stage ten minutes before we were supposed to play, until we realised that we were in the Central Time Zone and had an hour and ten minutes before we play, and they didn’t even open the gates yet! The set went well–we played to a very enthusiastic festival crowd, and we were done playing at 2:30, leaving all day to eat foot-long corn dogs, ride on the Tilt-a-whirl, catch a sunburn, and await the arrival of rock gods, FOREIGNER!!! I actually heard the sax player warming up the big high note in “Urgent” (if you don’t know what I’m talking about now, you will next time you hear that song.) So finally, the lights go dark and the cheesey announcer introduces in his best WWF voice, “Ladies and gentlemen, FOREIGNER!” So then these old guys with big hair get on stage and launch into a rockin’ “Hot Blooded” until the Sam Kinison look-alike singer started singing. I use the term “singing” loosely–he was horrendous! For the love of god! Stop the insanity! I had to leave the area immediately. I walked to the food area, ate a few more foot-longs which I chased down with a couple funnel cakes and sat down with a belly-ache in front of the “Fabulous T-Birds” who completely kicked Foreigner’s ass. I officially rate Foreigner’s live show “S” for sh*t.

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05.07.00 – Beale St. Festival, Memphis (Bri)

This is Brian. Little did we know when we pulled into the Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis today that we were sharing the stage with Foreigner! I could barely contain myself all day… mom, we opened for Foreigner! I’ve been waiting, for a gig like this, to come into my life, yeah waiting… here were some highlights:

* During “Hot Blooded,” when Lou Graham walked to the edge of the stage and sang “C’mon baby, do you do more than dance?” — I screamed like a little girl! They played all the hits!

* The sax solo during “Urgent” — that guy dropped to his knees he was so into it! And then, after the solo, as he walked back to his riser, he did a 360!

* During the encore of “I Wanna Know What Love Is” Lou took the entire microphone stand and turned it toward the crowd so it was picking up the audience’s voices! I sang my ass off! You wanna know what love is? I love Foreigner!

P.S… Lou Graham has not aged gracefully.

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05.07.00 – Beale St Festival, Memphis (Ryan)

hello you.

ryan miller here, for my semi-weekly road update.

one word, and that word is foreigner. no, i am no xenophobe, i am speaking of the hit-machines of the 1980’s, of lou graham and co., of the band that taught me, your fearless servant, exactly what love is.

perhaps is should give a little background….. as the spring tour winds down and summer approaches, headlining dates turn into festival and support slots. this past weekend, we played two large festivals, music midtown in atlanta, and the beale street festival in memphis, tennessee. music midtown was a rock fest, as we played right before canadian alterna-kings our lady peace, and 90’s airplay monsters collective soul. but for me, sunday was the big day. the line-up: guster, randy neuman (i love la. we love it!), rickie lee jones, collective soul, and then, the real kicker, my elementary school favorites, foreigner. (ed note: i got my first-ever boner couple skating to foreigner’s “i wanna know what love is” at the hot wheels roller rink, dallas, texas, 1981)

our set in memphis was early and brief, but the kids seemed to like us, and we had the rest of the afternoon to ready ourselves for the event del dia: foreigner, live and in person, appearing on the budweiser/auto zone/bellsouth mobility stage. with dusk, came anticipation. would they open with “cold as ice” or “double vision”? how would the crowd respond? would lead singer lou graham still be able to fit into his leather pants?
our questions were soon answered. they opened with “double vision”, the crowd was wild with reckless nostalgia, and no, lou graham cannot still fit into his leather pants. (or hit those high notes anymore, by the way).

perhaps the set can be summed up as follows: two songs in, lou screamed to the crowd, “we still got it! we haven’t even broken a sweat yet!” and ran directly behind the drum kit where a roadie was waiting with hot tea, a wet towel, and a nice soft chair. i swear, he even made a sign offstage for some oxygen.

the only thing going through my head was: if we ever become famous and have 8 top ten hits, will i want to be 43 years old and playing “window”? i don’t even want to play “window” now. i refuse to be an aged rockstar. i will not get fat and grow my grey hair long in back and on the side so i can cover my receding hairline. i will never utter the phrase, “we haven’t even broken a sweat yet!”

perhaps, some songs are better left unsung. some memories should be just that.
lou graham, you are no willie nelson.

ryan miller

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05.05.00 – Tremont Music Hall, Charlotte NC

last night in charlotte we ate chinese food at our friend andy johnson’s house. he popped in a copy of the woodstock 99 dvd, which includes our performance and a clip of an interview with us. we refused to watch our performance (we’re like that) but we watched the interview and it went like this:

interviewer: “so, what was it like to play to 200,000 people?”

ryan: “umm, i don’t know you’d have to ask adam durwitz.”

that was pretty much the whole clip. the joke works not because we are making fun of the less-attended stage we played on, but because ryan pronounced the counting crows’ singer’s name wrong. and that’s why the joke works.

entering kentucky.

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