05.02.00 – Day Off, Charlottesville VA

hello you.

this is ryan miller reporting from charlottesville, virginia.

today was a day off. it was nice. we saw the sun and the sun, it all of it’s southern glory, saw us and our collective northern paleness.

long live sping.

sunday night was no fun. we were told that our first rock video ever was going to “world premier” on mtv’s 120 minutes on monday morning between 1 A.M and 2 A.M. EST. at the beginning of the program, chris booker, the host of the program, said the following:
“we’ve got a great show tonight…. we have debut videos from leona ness, broadcast and GUSTER.”

hmmm. as interesting as being in this band has been over the last years, i must say that seeing our first rock video on the mtv was going to be one of the more surreal moments. i write “was going to be” because exactly 120 minutes after mr. booker said our stupid name on the mtv, he said, “and that’s our show tonght. see you next week on 120 minutes.”

no guster. no fa fa. not even a fa. boo hiss. we had to sit through some of the crappiest videos i have even seen in my life and 3 corn pops commercials. i went to bed at 3, completely luau-less. boo hiss.

the next day, we got word from our record company that there was some technical snafu at the mtv and that they were sorry. in fact, they promised to play “fa fa” in the first half hour next sunday night, sometime after midnight. not sure that i am going to stay up for that one, although it would be kind of trippy to see “guster” written in the mtv font in little white letters in the lower left hand corner of the screen. right where they put mariah carey’s name. mmmm……mariah carey.

in happier news, our video did actually world premier yesterday afternoon on vh1. they were nice and even said that we went to tufts. neato.

behind the music or biorhythm? rock and roll jeopardy or the blame game? divas or loveline? you decide.

that is all. we stay in the south for a while i think.

your best friend,
ryan miller

ps. go rent “hands on a hardbody” watch “the family guy” on fox and listen to wheat’s record “hope and adams.”

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