05.07.00 – Beale St Festival – Memphis TN (Adam)

Hello all–this is Adam here to give you my take on what I call the “Foreigner Fiasco.” First of all, I woke up in the morning (ok it was 1pm) at the concert site to the infamous Memphis heat baking over a field of what smelled suspiciously like horse poo. We played first on the “Manure Stage” before Randy Newman, Ricki Lee Jones, Collective Soul, and of course in much excitement and anticipation, Foreigner.

We were a little worried when no one was in front of the stage ten minutes before we were supposed to play, until we realised that we were in the Central Time Zone and had an hour and ten minutes before we play, and they didn’t even open the gates yet! The set went well–we played to a very enthusiastic festival crowd, and we were done playing at 2:30, leaving all day to eat foot-long corn dogs, ride on the Tilt-a-whirl, catch a sunburn, and await the arrival of rock gods, FOREIGNER!!! I actually heard the sax player warming up the big high note in “Urgent” (if you don’t know what I’m talking about now, you will next time you hear that song.) So finally, the lights go dark and the cheesey announcer introduces in his best WWF voice, “Ladies and gentlemen, FOREIGNER!” So then these old guys with big hair get on stage and launch into a rockin’ “Hot Blooded” until the Sam Kinison look-alike singer started singing. I use the term “singing” loosely–he was horrendous! For the love of god! Stop the insanity! I had to leave the area immediately. I walked to the food area, ate a few more foot-longs which I chased down with a couple funnel cakes and sat down with a belly-ache in front of the “Fabulous T-Birds” who completely kicked Foreigner’s ass. I officially rate Foreigner’s live show “S” for sh*t.

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