05.15.00 – portland me

we recycled a joke for our entrance saturday night at the state theater in maine. a couple years ago at a halloween show at avalon in boston (the one with the christmas theme) we had three imposters in full-body halloween costumes take the stage instead of us. the crowd went nuts, thinking it was the three of us dressed as gorillas or whatever, and then we delivered the punch line, walking out and taking our instruments from them anti-climactically in our regular clothes.

so we attempted the joke again in maine, having found three anakin skywalker masks on the bus while cleaning it out (we bid the bus adieu this weekend)… our three imposters took the stage in their star wars masks, trying their best to nail down our mannerisms, but the crowd was just confused. then we came out, our imposters left, and we revelled in anti-climax for a few seconds before kicking into “happier.” the maine show was good, though we felt a little fatigued toward the end. i think we need this break from the road, though thursday’s show in nashville was probably the best of the whole tour.

this week we have a few radio show obligations to fulfill (tonight in new york, thursday in alabama, saturday in nebraska with hanson and christine aguilera — i’m not kidding)and then we have a month off, more or less. expect big announcements about our big big august appearances in BOSTON and NEW YORK soon. the road diary may get a little quiet in the coming weeks, but we still love you.


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