06.04.00 – Jessica Rosenworcel’s Wedding

Emerged from my sister’s wedding this weekend with a whole new respect for wedding bands. I think in the past I was inclined to write them off as schlocky, predictable, etc… but now I realize what a SCIENCE it all is — the keyboard guy knew just what font to hit on his keyboard for the background “Challah-cutting” music, and when the band sensed that people had a couple of drinks in ’em they broke into a little Buster Poindexter — then cut into a rousing Hava Nagila… they had the place ROCKING. People were running around in circles, lifting chairs above their heads, and that’s when they went BACK into “Hot! Hot! Hot!” for the kill. The place was transformed. The party was on. And then they had no choice but to make the announcement:

“Ladies and gentlemen your salad course is being served if you’ll please return to your seats.”

And these guys took it like pros. They’d been there before. It was part of the job. They would return after dessert to rock this house again. I strongly recommend “Four Guys In Tuxes” from Boston MA for your next wedding or Bar-mitzvah.

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  1. After all these years… Somebody just brought this to my attention…
    Many thanks!


     BOSTON:  617-482-3234
     CAPE COD:  508-457-1583
     NEWPORT:  401-847-4416


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